Choosing a Local SEO Company

Launching a website should be an exciting and enjoyable time, but many website owners don’t full understand the need for an SEO company BEFORE a website goes live.

Web designers and developers do what they do best, they build websites that work across browsers and are enjoyable to use and in most cases are beautiful. That doesn’t mean Google and other search engines will like the website. There are very specific rules and factors that need to be considered when building a website in order to make sure it has the best possible chance at competing for search terms that are profitable. An experienced SEO will be able to consult with you and your developer produce a website which has all the on-page SEO factors required, which means search engines will get everything they need in the format they expect.

Choosing your SEO company can be difficult though, or at least clients always says it difficult. There is a good way of finding a good local SEO and that is by simply searching google for them. The top 3 spots are considered the most important so any company holding the first 3 spots for something like “SEO [city]” know how to rank a website as that search term will generally be very hard to rank for.

Looking for SEO London will be different from looking for SEO Edinburgh, purely because of the size of these two cities but that doesn’t mean one city should be favored over the other. If you were to hire a London based SEO but have a Edinburgh based company that only serves local customers then you will be missing out on local knowledge which is invaluable when trying to gain an edge on a competitor. If you are needing an SEO with experience of ranking websites nationally or internationally then you should ideally be looking for companies that rank for general SEO terms or terms which are local to you, but always make sure your SEO can show you websites that they have previously ranked for national or international search terms.